Las Flores Water Company 2021 Update


On behalf of the Las Flores Water Company, the Board of Directors extends its best wishes to all of you as we move into the New Year and continue to cope with the on-going pandemic.  Here are a few topics related to your water company that we want to share with you.


Capital Improvement Program: The Company continues to focus efforts on upgrading the aging infrastructure. This year, we completed the construction of a new building at the Sacramento site to replace the old shop building, an 80+ year old structure that was not seismically resilient.  We replaced a major section of pipeline on Wapello Street. This project replaced 1,200 linear feet of four-inch pipeline with eight-inch cement lined and coated 10-gage steel pipe.  In 2021, we currently plan to replace 1,500 linear feet of pipeline along Santa Anita Avenue, Marigold Street, Saint James Place, and Palm Street.    Collectively over the last 20 years, the Company has invested more than $3 million in new pipelines and facilities.  It is our goal to continue with this program, while being capable of promptly responding to any unplanned incidents that may occur.


Water Conservation: The National Weather Service is projecting that the weather in Southern California will continue to be very dry in 2021. We ask that you please conserve water. For more information on sustainable landscapes, local plant nurseries, gardening tips and conservation, please visit


Water Rates:  Imported water costs continue to rise.  However, through cost containment measures, we have been able to hold our costs steady. We are pleased to announce that there will no rate increases for 2021.


COVID-19 Update: We are committed to helping customers during COVID-19. In addition to other important efforts, we have suspended shutoff of water service. We understand that some of our shareholders may have trouble paying their bill on time due to COVID-19. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please contact the office to arrange a payment plan. Once the payment plan is in-place, late fee charges will be waived. Without the payment plan, late fees will continue to be assessed to delinquent shareholder accounts. It is important that payment plans are put in place and that we receive payment of at least the monthly service charge each month. This amount is $28.88 per month.


If there are any questions, please feel free to call our General Manager, William Kimberling, at




John Bednarski

Board President